E.M. Forster’s “Maurice” (first Canadian edition)

Is this a first Canadian printing of Maurice that I see before me?

I believe it is.

We have in our possession a 1971 edition published by McMillan Canada.  The dust jacket is missing and there’s a small white stain on the front cover, but the book is in otherwise good condition.  Asking $30.00.

E.M. Forster wrote the book just before WWI but, other than showing it to a few close friends, squirreled it away until after his death.  The book was first published in 1971, posthumously.  Current readers will think nothing of the content, but Forster was sure it would be too much for the Edwardian and Georgian minds.

Maurice spine

The spine



Maurice front cover

The front cover (see stain on right side)



inside cover Maurice

The heart-rending dedication page



Contact us for more information or to purchase.



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3 responses to “E.M. Forster’s “Maurice” (first Canadian edition)

  1. Good evening! Might this still be available?


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