Arthur Rackham: His Life and Work

Arguably, the Victorian period was the period for illustrators–the saviours of bad writing, and the saints who elevate good books to the zenith of Olympus.

Arthur Rackham illustrated for Shakespeare, Charles Lamb, J.M. Barrie and Lewis Carroll, amongst others.  His pen-and-ink drawings, with subtle colour, are quintessentially Victorian.  Should you want to relive your childhood bedtimes, this is the guy for you.

Derek Hudson put together a book on Rackham: Arthur Rackham, His Life and Work.  The text includes tasty tidbits about Rackham (how he kept fit); the colour plates are glued in, and there’s a sprinkling of little sketches, including a self-portrait in uniform.

Arthur Rackham

Our copy is in very good condition, with the exception of the cover.  The cover was ripped at the top of the spine, and has been plastic-wrapped (a very neat job, I must say).  The inscription inside, written in blue ballpoint, says,

Sam — I love you!! –Bob

For more information or to see the book, please contact Friends of the Library Mississauga.




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