Sprokkelingen in Nederland

Well.  I’m not sure how to approach this book.  Should I be disappointed that only one volume was donated, and that there are two other volumes floating around the world that I haven’t seen?  Should I be ecstatic that I get to a) stumble through the old Dutch and b) see pictures of curious things I would never be able to see in real life?

I’m okay with book-related dichotomy.

A series of emails to my father (who claims his Dutch is at the level of the average Dutch 2-year-old) and confirmation from his siblings ended up with this title translated as Collections from the Netherlands.  The recording of these “collections” should be appreciated because WWII destroyed many of these things.


This particular volume, Volume 1, is images and text about doorways and gates.  It’s a beautifully eccentric collection.  Though the photos are in black-and-white, the binding makes up for it with its gorgeous gilt cover.  Sadly, the cover for the spine is missing, but the spine itself is intact.  The rest of the book is in good condition–especially seeing as it’s a little over 80 years old.

The reader of this book must, of course, be able to read Dutch, but the artist or the architect whose concern is the images need only have access to Google Translate.

The Glass Room at Mississauga Central Library is open Saturdays and Wednesday mornings, so you can pop in and have a look at this gem.  If you can’t make it to the library, feel free to drop us an email with inquiries or comments.


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