Calling all DC and Marvel Comic Fans

For all comic fans, a complete Nightwing and X Men collection is a necessity. With multiple volumes of Nightwing, Thunderbolts and X Men and copies of Batman and Daredevil, these are must haves.

Starring Dick Grayson, a young man trained in acrobats and circus life, Grayson is the evolvement of  Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Later becoming the leader of the Teen Titans, Grayson begins his journey as an independent hero. Grayson takes on the name of “Nightwing”, a legendary Kryptonain hero in the city of Bludhaven where he acts as a police officer and crime fighter. Nightwing relocates to New York and soon establishes himself with the respect of the DC universe as both Batman’s old sidekick and leader and protector.
Formed by ex-members of the Masters of Evil, the Thunderbolts are the perfect disguise to gain trust and catch villains unaware.Later joined by Hawkeye as leader of the Thunderbolts, this team of outcasts becomes a team of heroic protectors.
In a world with mutants, those with supernatural abilities are often hated and feared until a group of moral mutant band together under the care of Professor Charles Xavier. Fighting against villainous plans to change the entire human race into mutants, Wolverine joins the group and becomes the face of the X Men to establish a untitledteam of united mutants about to save the human race.
After watching the death of his parent’s death, Bruce Wayne grows up to take on the role of Batman, a mysterious figure protecting the citizens of Gotham city.
Again, we have multiple volumes of Nightwing, Thunderbolts, New X Men and copies of Batman and the Daredevil.
For more information, please contact or come visit us at Mississauga Central Library on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 9-12.

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