Book Request–Lakeview: Journey from Yesterday

While people who live in The Big City may look down their noses at us and sniff about suburbia, those of us who live in Mississauga know that our city is a little different than the average suburbia. We know we’re special! To support this point, just look at the books written about Mississauga. In particular, Kathleen Hicks has written a series of (really nice) books, all of which are in the Mississauga Library system.

However, some of us need certain books a little closer than our branch library….

We have several people searching for one book in particular, Lakeview: Journey from Yesterday.  Yes, it’s available in .pdf, but they want hard copies and this book is out of print.  So, if you have a copy that you might consider donating to us, please, please, please let us know.  It’s good karma: you’ll make a Mississaugan book lover very happy.



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