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Our Mission:
To provide financial and material support to augment the services of the Mississauga Library System in its role as a cultural, educational and recreational resource for the benefit of the residents of Mississauga. Our Mission encompasses support for literacy as a fundamental skill required to take full advantage of library services, and support for library-related educational activities in recognition that a well-trained staff is essential to the effective provision of library services.

Our Vision:
Is of a Mississauga Library System which, with the help of the Friends, can provide the best quality of library service to the residents of Mississauga.

Founded in 1989, the Friends of the Mississauga Library System is an all volunteer, non-profit, citizens’ organization, We promote literacy and extend the programs and services of the library system within our community. Books and other published materials are on sale at the Central and all 17 branches of the library.

Board Operations:
The Board meets once per month (with the exception of July and August) to review reports, hear requests, make plans and pass resolutions that are consistent with the business of the Friends. The Board is elected by a vote of Friends’ members in attendance at the Annual General Meeting. Members of the Friends are encouraged to volunteer to serve on the Board. Interested Members may submit their names for consideration either in advance of the Annual General Meeting or at any other time there is a Board vacancy.

The Friends of the Mississauga Library System is a voluntary, charitable association which is governed by a Board consisting of four Officers and seven Board Members. The Board works in cooperation with the Board of the Mississauga Library System and the Chief Librarian to determine the most effective allocation of Friends’ support consistent with the Purpose and Mission of the Friends and the needs of the Mississauga Library System.


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