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Surprise Glass Room Sale

Glass Room Sale


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December 16, 2015 · 5:21 pm

Two Upcoming Sales

The end of summer is nigh!

Or, at least, sufficiently nigh that we’re planning sales so that you have lots to read when the autumn winds start to blow.  And if those winds don’t do their thing, feel free to take the books into the sunshine or into the shade of a big tree.

Sale #1: The Back-to-School Sale

Labour Day is late this year, and that last week may be enough to break the camel’s back.  Stock up on a few books for the kids (they may as well wrap their minds around getting back to the school work), some National Geographics to keep them occupied in the car, and a couple of novels to go with your morning coffee.

Back to School Sale


Sale #2: The Teachers’ Sale

(Saturday, September 19th, from 1:00 to 4:00)

Contrary to popular opinion, teachers are not given huge budgets with which to purchase educational materials: most teachers have several bookcases full of resources that have been paid for out-of-pocket.  We think things should be a little easier for the teachers, so we’re continuing our annual offering of cheap kids’ books (useful as prizes or bribes) and educational resources.

Of course, we’re not checking credentials at the door.  If you’re a private teacher, a tutor, a homeschooler–an educator of any sort–you may find useful items at this sale.

The sale is held in the activity rooms in the Children’s section of Central Library.

Teachers Sale

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July Book Sale

‘Cause you definitely need more books.

July Sale 3

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March Break Book Sale (a.k.a. Retaining Sanity)

That dreaded week is coming soon: March Break.  Unless one has the financial wherewithal to hie the entire family to someplace very warm, one can expect a little boredom in the child who is accustomed to having their day planned from beginning to end.

Fret not: there are ways around this.

We highly recommend stopping by Mississauga Central Library between March 14th and March 21st (closer to the 14th if you want to retain your sanity) and picking up a stack of Preventative Measures.

Preventative Measures (approximate size)

Preventative Measures (approximate size)

For five dollars, you, too, can guarantee yourself a good two hours of peace and quiet every single day of the break!

Bring your reusable bag and stuff it with an assortment of novels, graphic novels, non-fiction and magazines.  Whenever a mouth opens with the threat of potential whinging, hand over the bag.

Problem solved.  Make yourself a latte.

P.S.  There are also DVDs available.  No, it does not make you a bad caregiver.

March Break Sale 1

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Holiday Book Drive


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December 9, 2014 · 6:25 pm

Krieghoff’s Images of Canada

We have a copy of this–in excellent condition–on the “special books cart.  Come visit FOL Mississauga Art Book Sale at Central Library until Tuesday, November 25th. krieghoff_book

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Art Book Sale This Weekend!

Piet Mondrian ad 2


Most of the books are between $1 and $8, but there are some (very nice) specially priced books, too.

Check out FOLMississauga for more details.

You NEED more books.

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