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Signed Pierre Berton books

Okay, so you really gotta be Canadian to get excited about this post–and I suppose you have to be old, too (which says a lot about your humble blogger).  Anyway, yesterday we received a box of books that got this old Canadian doing a happy dance.

These are written by Pierre Berton.  They are all signed by Pierre Berton. They all have dust jackets.  A lot of them are first editions.  Sadly, they aren’t likely to have your name inside, as they’re addressed to specific people.  In any case, they’re special.



The coolest item of the lot, however, is signed by Mr. Berton but not written by him.  This is the programme from an appreciation dinner given by his friends; it contains the menu for the dinner, poems, short essays, illustrations, etc.  If you’re a collector or a Pierre Berton fan, this is the one for you.


Please visit us at Mississauga Central Library on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings, or contact us through any of the options here.


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This Week at FOL Mississauga

Well, it’s been busy.  Our March Break Book Sale generated over $2 400.  Definitely worth the effort.  Many thanks to everyone who donated and bought books!  When we add that to the generous donation from Whole Foods Square One, we’ve done exceedingly well for the library this month.

This week’s cart sale is… atlases.


Some of these are traditional atlas-y type atlases, and some are a little different: A Historical Atlas of the Jewish People (a very pretty book) and The Atlas of Languages.

We also have a whole new slew of comics and graphic novels from our anonymous donor.

20150328_132534The smaller collections (4 or fewer comics) and the cheaper graphic novels are in the E2 section–that would be right beside the bathrooms–on the regular sales shelves.  The larger collections (some are up to 20 comics) and the better quality graphic novels are in the Glass Room; you can check them out on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 9-12.

We also received a collection of about 35 Star Trek magazines of different titles.  We’re selling them as a lot for $20.  A few of them are in collectible condition, and the others are in very good condition.  There are even two envelopes of posters and post cards.

Two supplementary envelopes containing goodies

Two supplementary envelopes containing goodies

The whole thing has been neatly packaged in an unassuming cardboard box, ready to be snuck past your partner who has banned such dust-collectors in your house.


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English Homes and Villages


Elizabeth Reid Cotton, Lady Hope


When Lady Hope wasn’t (allegedly) convincing Charles Darwin that publishing his theories of evolution was a bad idea, she was documenting England.  In 1909, she published English Homes and Villages: Kent and Sussex, a lovely old-fashioned book with lots of illustrations–black-and-white and water-colour–and photographs.

Our copy is not in the best condition, but it’s still in one piece.  The spine is starting to separate from the cover along one edge, but a novice bookbinder would have no problem repairing it.  There’s a little water damage on the front cover, and the edges are a bit worn.

To compensate for the minor damage, it also has (don’t you love the bonuses found inside second-hand books?) four pressed pansies inside the front cover.

English Homes and Villages cover

EHandV edge

EHandV spine


For more details, contact

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